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A place to call home

4941 Alpha Circle - Anchorage, AK 99516

Call: (907) 727-4723

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First Choice for 

Senior Assisted Living Care

Rabe Assisted Living Home is a family-owned facility, with staff that work diligently to ensure you're receiving the highest quality of care fit right for you! 

With our personalized care approach, private rooms, assistance with daily living activities, and on site nurse visits, we do our best to make sure you can live your best life comfortably!

We offer high quality, personalized care to make sure you live comfortably!

Private Rooms

Assistance with Daily Living Activities

Specialized Care

Excellent, well-run​

"This assisted living home was perfect! The staff was open, friendly and very caring, the house beautifully clean and pleasant, a real "home"....I felt that our loved one was given really understanding care, and he always looked very contented and responsive. I saw that the staff have a Positive attitude, and respect and affection for the residents,. It was always very reassuring for me to see he was safe, clean, eating well (the food looked good!) and had no problems. I give this home five stars gladly, and would recommend it to anyone"

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